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Psychosexual Counselling

I am a qualified psychosexual counsellor trained in working specifically with sexual issues. Working with a qualified sex therapist offers heterosexual and same sex clients the opportunity to talk openly and honestly about any sexual problems and insecurities with a specialist knowledge of working in this field. I do work with sex addiction

It is my aim to treat sexual difficulties by integrating a variety of approaches. You can come as a couple or as an individual and the initial consultation will involve an exploration of your issues and a history intake. If there are indications some medical interventions are necessary, I will recommend that you see your GP to rule out potential physical problems. This is purely a talking therapy, I am not medically trained so i will never ask to give you a physical examination. My approach in terms of treatment is predominately cognitive behavioural in order to facilitate change but I also draw on psychodynamic, gestalt, attachment and other theoretical ideas to help gain an understanding as to what causal events are happening.

My work as a Psychosexual and Relationship psychotherapist and counsellor at Guys and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust has given me a particular interest in working with individuals and couples whose mental health, relationships, sexual functioning has been negatively impacted by illness. In particular i have experience of working with the consequences of a cancer diagnosis and the resulting treatment upon individuals and couples.

The following are some of the issues which may successfully be treated using Psychosexual Therapy:

Are you suffering from a loss of (or lack of) sexual enjoyment?
Are you and/or your partner are disappointed with your sex life?
Do you and your partner have different expectations about sex?
Do you have difficulties with sex because of earlier sexual abuse?
Has an affair damaged or set back your relationship?
Are you worried that you or your partner may be suffering from sex addiction?
Is there conflict/concerns about the use of porn or Internet porn?
Have you experienced difficulty in achieving or maintaining an erection (Erectile Dysfunction)?
Do you feel that you ejaculate too quickly (Rapid Ejaculation)?
Do you find it hard to reach orgasm (Retarded Ejaculation)?
Do you experience pain during intercourse, or difficulty having intercourse (Dyspareunia, Vaginismus)?
Do you find it hard to reach orgasm (Anorgasmia)?

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