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Couple Counselling in Balham, Wandsworth, SW12

I have a specialist training in couples counselling, and many of my clients are couples working to resolve relationship issues. I may be able to help you if, for example, you are experiencing difficulties in areas such as communication, intimacy, jealousy, commitment issues or sexual problems.

Difficulties can arise for couples and individuals at any time. Even happy relationships may hit a difficult patch when communication issues arise, poor intimacy develops and miscommunications occur. At this time a relationship counsellor and a client can work together to resolve any difficulties and facilitate change.

Managing conflict is crucial to improving relationships and it is unrealistic to hope to avoid it. Differences can be acknowledged to allow people to co-exist in any environment and learning the skills to negotiate and communicate better can allow unhealthy patterns to change. I can help you understand messages and habits you may have inherited from your family of origin and the circumstances in which you grew up in and offer new, healthier skills to realise your potential.

Couples therapy involves a mixture of looking at the individual histories of the couple and the impact of this on their current relationship alongside events that that have happened during the relationship.. This can involve exploring the psychological impact of the past on the individual and couple whilst undertaking a variety of practical exercises in order to make to improve the present status of the relationship.

Ill Health and Impact on Relationships

Through my work with individuals and couples recovering from cancer within an NHS service, I have acquired a particular interest in working with individuals and couples recovering from physical illness.

Studies show that marriages where one partner has a chronic illness are statistically more likely to fail. The impact of illness can change the sufferer's emotional and physical needs leaving their partner struggling to deal with these changes. However there are ways to ameliorate the impact of any changes including:

Communication: It can be hard to talk about issues with no easy solution.

Anxiety: Processing difficult emotions.

Are the caregiver's needs being met? Often the attention is all on the ill partner leaving the caregiver feeling isolated. Therapy can give a safe space for both partners to express their needs and wants.

Looking at other social connections: Illness can lead to isolation from colleagues, friends and family. Are these potential pillars of support being utilised?

Sexual Life: Illness can negatively impact sexual function. This can lead to distressing emotions that if not dealt with that can lead to a relationship breakdown.

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